A core service offered by Courtwell Consulting is that of leadership consultancy in the fields of enterprise management and rescue, including the design and manufacture of software programmes which systemise and enhance your business.
Courtwell Consulting uses the concept of synergistic leadership during our consultancy process in management and leadership: using our management gap-analysis model and a series of interactive questions, Courtwell Consulting interrogates your entity to assess the efficiency and profitability of your business.

There are five elements of business which require proper application in order to make your business a success.

Without these elements being properly and comprehensively in place, a business will fail. More than this, it is also our belief that entities should not complicate their internal structures by establishing more than the five identified functional divisions pictured below:

The five elements of business which require proper application in order to make your business a success.

The five strategic-level functions of a business entity

Within the operations function, each strategic business unit or team is empowered with the correct products and services, systems, processes and staff – all geared towards maximum productivity and profitability.

Courtwell Consulting invites you to avail of our leadership and management consultancy services. We will assist you in identifying possible gaps across the spectrum of elements required for a highly successful and profitable business and provide solutions towards resolving such possible gaps.

1. Business STRATEGY

  • Defining your optimal core business
  • Defining your investment strategy
  • Defining your growth constraints
  • Defining your risk across each risk category and establishing a risk profile
  • Crating equity- and financing- structures
  • Establishing optimal legal, financial and tax (group) business structures
  • Devising launch, expansion and merger strategies
  • Internal and acquisition-target due diligence reviews
  • Compilation of a SWOT-analysis to determine best business opportunities
  • Aligning with accepted ethic and corporate governance requirements
  • Development of a bankable strategic business plan


  • Defining your optimal target market
  • Creating a differentiating strategy
  • Projecting your typical target sales level
  • Developing innovative marketing strategies
  • Establishing market credibility
  • Implementing the optimal promotional mix
  • Electronic, media and promotion strategies
  • Sales strategies
  • Customer incentive strategies

3. Internal OPERATIONS

  • Identifying optimal workflow systems
  • Establishing optimal function content
  • Designing accurate job descriptions
  • Integrating functions
  • Systems analysis and design
  • Information technology design and implementation
  • Call centre and customer liaison design
  • Designing management reporting systems
  • Establishing benchmarking and key performance measurement systems


  • Staff profiling
  • Recruitment strategies
  • Staff assessments
  • Function descriptions
  • Function manuals
  • Career pathing
  • Staff incentive strategies
  • People Development
  • Provident fund structuring
  • Labour dispute resolution
  • Human resource administration solutions
  • Internal communication strategies

5. SUPPORT SYSTEMS financial, legal, administrative and information systems

  • Designing and implementing optimal financial, legal and administrative (control) systems
  • Establishing internal audit controls
  • Creating optimal legal documentation and contracts
  • Implementing cost-effective information technology solutions
  • Procurement strategies
  • Location strategies

The structure of Courtwell Consulting’s strategic processing model

Through a series of interactive consultations (over a period of weeks or during a two-day seminar) and using a series of carefully formulated checklists, Courtwell Consulting shall expediently (but thoroughly) establish the gaps within your company’s strategies, structures and processes.

Accordingly, we would invite you to contact us on 0861 268 789 or via e-mail on services@courtwell.com