Just as certain icons are universally recognised as items of premium quality, so Courtwell Consulting’s investigative reports remain South Africa’s leading measure of property risk.

Having reviewed and valued over sixty-seven billion rand in property value to date, Courtwell Consulting’s property audit services are used by property-owners and investors for two reasons:

In the first instance, the independence of our reports – coupled with in-depth tailored output – provides investors with a level of confidence normally unattainable. The depth with which we objectively investigate the aspects of a fixed property development – and provide guidance as to the resolution of exceptions – remains an unsurpassed benchmark.

Secondly, our accurate valuations mean that a value investment can be made with peace of mind.

Our comprehensive due diligence review comprises a full financial, legal and technical audit in order to determine the risk profile of an investment as well as the available value extraction opportunities.

Visit this link to see examples of our due diligence reviews and data integrity reports