Jonathan Smith of Courtwell Consulting
Jonathan Smith has acted in various corporate capacities for a period of some 15-years, including portfolio manager, corporate affairs director and group legal advisor.

He has extensive experience in the systems and administration of a property company as well as property law and has also developed various property and management training programmes for the property industry.
Prior to forming Courtwell Consulting during September, 1999, he worked for a property services company (as group legal advisor) where he was responsible for both the internal legal control of the company as well as providing clients with legal services related to the property industry, including lease and legal audits and due diligence investigations.

His history of projects undertaken include having developed an extensive training programme for the property industry and co-ordinating several large scale audits and forensic audits for property companies and organisations with large tenancy portfolios.

Jonathan is a part time lecturer at WITS university where he presents lectures on property, property law and property finance as well as lease law and property administration.

He has just completed a text book for the property industry entitled A Guide to Commercial Property in South Africa and will release a book on enterprise leadership entitled Leadership Defined during the first quarter of 2012.



Samantha Hatton is the project manager and company administrator of Courtwell Consulting. Drawing on her experience in systems and projecSamantha Hatton - Courtwell Consulting General Managert coordination, Samantha manages our projects to deadline and interfaces with clients during and after projects on a regular basis.